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Daughters of the American Revolution

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Honored Chapter Members

We are proud of our chapter members who have served and continue to serve our State Society and National Society in support of God, Home and Country.

Chapter Regent

Susan McCurdy, 2016-2018


Honorary Chapter Regents

Lorraine Bagwell, 2004-2006
Organizing Regent

Anita Sheard, 2006-2008

Stacy Woodbury, 2008-2010

Anita Parker, 2010-2012

Sandra Zboinski, 2012-2014

Marsha Strand, 2014-2016
















Lorraine Bagwell

State Chairman Bylaws; State Chairman Chapter Achievement Awards;
State Chairman Ila Warner Scholarship; State Parliamentarian 2016-2018;
State Treasurer, 2006-2008;
State Organizing Secretary 2004-2006; and State Historian 2002-2004

Julie Higbee

1991 and 1996 Nevada Outstanding Junior; State Librarian 1992-1994

Kay Horsell

State Historian 2002-2004

Merry Romine

State Chaplain 2016-2018

Anita Sheard
Honorary State Regent Nevada DAR

Honorary Senior State President, Nevada State Society Children of the American Revolution 2015-2016;
State Chairman, Community Service Award;
State Conference Chairman

Stacy Woodbury
Senior State President,
Nevada State Society Children of the American Revolution, 2011-2013 and 2016-2018
Senior President, Fort Churchill Society Children of the American Revolution 2011 - 2017;
State Chairman Children of the American Revolution;
2007 Nevada State Volunteer Information Specialist of the Year; State Historian 2008-2010;
State Historian 2004-2006;
State Registrar 2002-2004;
1998 NSDAR
National Outstanding Junior

Sandra Zboinski
State Chaplain 2012-2014;
State Librarian 2010-2012